@OurTrueRoots are #TigerNuts!... Funny thing is, TigerNuts are NOT NUTS!! They are VEGETABLES!!!... As humans, Our True Roots go so much deeper than this funny misnomer. We have been deeply connected to these nutrient-dense tubers for a long, long time… In fact, ever since humans have been HUMAN we have craved TigerNuts. Archaeological records reveal that 2 million years ago the “NutCracker man,” our earliest human ancestor, relied heavily upon this root which fueled up to 80% of her diet! As our Paleo-parents left the caves and began cultivating the land, TigerNuts were one of our very first crops, possibly inspiring man’s evolution from foraging to farming!! Historical documents show that Egyptians grew TigerNuts and the Pharaohs’ tombs were filled with these “sacred roots.” Unfortunately, over the past few thousand years, we have lost touch with our roots… :(

At @OurTrueRoots, we are both humbled and honored to put us all back in touch... :)   Modern Science is even beginning to uncover why we have always intuitively loved TigerNuts. Research shows that TigerNuts are the #1 whole food source of a particular type of fiber called Resistant Starch (aka PREbiotic) which is the preferred food of our gut MicroFlora (aka PRObiotics). By nourishing these friendly tummy bugs, we are ensuring a strong immune system, which studies show is key to preventing against modern disease. Try them today and find out for yourself why #TigerNuts are @OurTrueRoots!